Campus Safety Commission

Campus Safety Commission


The Campus Safety Commission will advise the University’s Chief Safety Officer on matters related to the development, implementation, and evaluation of informed, inclusive, and responsive safety policies and practices.

Work & Goals

March 11, 2024-Safety Commission Meeting

  • Commission will break in June and July and will pick back up again in August.
  • New commission members have been identified and will be added to the commission.
  • Future safety strolls with faculty and staff are being considered.
  • PAX report progress.
  • Safety survey discussed.
  • Back to school fall safety considerations.

February 19, 2024-Safety Commission Meeting

  • The first Safety Stroll with Steve took place February 13, a second is scheduled for March.
  • President Robbins addressed the group.
  • Discussions around increased transparency.
  • Considering task force with TPD to address off-campus crime
  • Increase in police patrolling campus particularly in parking garages to combat vehicle break-ins.
  • UAPD community academy began.
  • Looking at federal grants to fund safety-related issues.
  • Consider adding additional members to the commission.

January 8, 2024-Safety Commission Meeting

  • Discussed Clery Timely Warning requirements.
  • The spring UAPD Community Academy reached capacity in a couple of days.
  • Discussed a safety survey and long-term goals.

November 27, 2023 - Safety Commission Meeting

  • Discussed recent additions to the Office of Public Safety and future plans. 
  • Discussed how campus is reacting to the safety changes made over the last six months and how we can enhance campus safety awareness. 

November 6, 2023 - Safety Commission Meeting

Interim Police Chief Chris Olson discussed changes made at the University of Arizona Police Department (UAPD).

  • UAPD is working closely with the community, created a new executive office, a mental health support officer and more. There is a focus on trauma-informed solutions for victims. UAPD will host a Community Academy in the Spring for faculty and staff and may include students at a later date. Olson discussed the blue envelope program, trauma kits, Clery Timely Warnings, and addressed questions about building trust in the community.  

October 16, 2023 - Safety Commission Meeting

Review of safety survey sent to undergraduates living in residential halls in April 2023. 

  • Discussion included: linking comments with demographic information, pedestrian safety, layering crime rates where students don’t feel safe, address dark areas on campus, conduct overall safety climate survey. 


The Campus Safety Commission was established in May 2023 and meets every three weeks. Members are selected by the University president. Questions or suggestions for the commission may be directed to any of the members.

CFO Steve Patterson headshot

Steven C. Patterson

Vice President and Chief Safety Officer
Chair, Campus Safety Commission
Sam Dahl headshot

Sam Dahl

Graduate student, Atmospheric Sciences
Esperanza Freitchen portrait

Esperanza Freitchen

Senior Director, Multicultural Student Services
Jennifer Hatcher headshot

Jennifer Hatcher

Interim Associate Vice President, Office of Diversity & Inclusion
Kim Hanes rooftop portrait

Kim Hanes

Manager, Operations Strategy, Online, Distance and Continuing Education
gray Block A person placeholder

Collier Hill

Alumnus, Community member
Amanda Kraus headshot

Amanda Kraus

Assistant Vice President, Campus Life
Executive Director, Disability Resources
Associate Professor of Practice, Educational Policy Studies and Practice
Murugesan headshot

Abhijay Murugesan

Medical student, College of Medicine - Tucson
Barak Orbach headshot

Barak Orbach

Robert H. Mundheim Professor of Law and Business
Kara Riley headshot

Kara Riley

Alumna, Community member
Christina Rocha headshot

Christina Rocha

Manager, RII Business Center Transaction Team
gray Block A person placeholder

Praise Zenenga

Department Head, Africana Studies
Associate Professor, African American Studies (Tenured)