Meet the Team

Meet the Team

A Message from the Chief Safety Officer

Dear Campus Community,

As Chief Safety Officer, my priority is to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors at the University of Arizona. I oversee the Office of Public Safety (OPS), which includes the University of Arizona Police Department, Facilities Management, Risk Management, Parking and Transportation Services, Threat Assessment and Management Team, and Emergency Management. Together, we aim to build a secure and supportive community.

Though my work with the University began in late 2022, my ties run deep as a Tucson native and through my family's connections to the University of Arizona. My father, sister, and uncle are all Arizona Wildcats.

With 24 years of experience with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, including leading the FBI’s Tucson Office, I understand the importance of trust and collaboration. I've engaged with various campus and community groups to understand concerns and foster relationships, guided by a philosophy of listening, learning, and leading.

On this website, you’ll find updates on our safety initiatives and resources, including mission and values of the Office of Public Safety and updates from our Safety Commission

 I am honored to give back to a university that has profoundly impacted my family. I look forward to our collective efforts to create a safe and supportive campus community.

Please contact my office via email if you have feedback or questions related to University safety.

Steve Patterson
Chief Safety Officer
The University of Arizona

Office of Public Safety

CFO Steve Patterson headshot

Steven C. Patterson

Vice President and Chief Safety Officer
Chair, Campus Safety Commission
Eric K headshot

Eric Kazmierczak

Deputy Chief Safety Officer
Tamra Ingersoll portrait

Tamra Ingersoll

Public Information Officer
Gina Andrade headshot

Gina Andrade

Executive Assistant
Ari Montes headshot

Ari Montes

Administrative Associate
Kirsten Rath portrait

Kirsten Rath

Project Manager and Security Analyst

Public Safety Leaders

Miguel Delgado headshot

Miguel Delgado

Chief Risk Officer
Risk Management Services
Chris Kopach headshot

Christopher M. Kopach

Associate Vice President, Facilities Management
UAPD Interim Chief Olson headshot

Chris Olson

Assistant Vice President and Chief of Police
Jim Sayre headshot

Jim Sayre

Executive Director
Parking & Transportation Services
Jessie Semmann headshot

Jessie Semmann, PhD

Director, Threat Assessment and Management
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Position to be filled

Emergency Management

Safety Teams