University of Arizona Police Department

University of Arizona Police Department

Goal: Continue and improve training, engagement, and proactive coordination with partners across law enforcement agencies in order to enact effective threat management and investigations. Learn more about UAPD.

Recommended Actions

In Progress

Process Owner: Senior Leadership

Description: Establish a Public Safety unit/leader with responsibility for Crisis Management, Response, and Training, including the planning, management, coordination, and implementation of any building/department-specific crisis and emergency plans across all University campuses.

Process Owner: Building Managers + UAPD + Facilities Management

Description: Require each building and department on all of the University’s campuses to work with UAPD, Emergency Operations, and Facilities Management on building and department-specific lockdown / crisis response implementation, accounting for any special accessibility needs (e.g., disabilities or international visitors). The University should establish a tiered approach to this recommendation and begin with the spaces that are higher risk for disruptive behavior (i.e. Financial Aid, Dean of Students, Human Resources, CAPS, etc.).

Process Owner:  UAPD

Description: Audit the Special Investigations Unit ("SIU") workload, cases, personnel, and investigative work processes to assess capacity to manage the current SIU caseload and coordinate with TAMT, Dean Of Students, TPD, FBI JTTF, and community mental health resources. Increase supervision and oversight of the SIU to ensure timely, empathetic, effective responses and complete investigations and prioritize support of threat-related investigation.


Process Owner: UAPD

Description: UAPD should continue active threat training and find ways to adapt and encourage even those members of the community who may be more hesitant to participate.

Status: The UAPD Community Engagement Unit offers comprehensive active threat training, which can be accessed by reaching out to For additional details, please visit

Process Owner: UAPD

Description: UAPD should continue implementing recommendations from prior evaluations and continue developing partnerships with local law enforcement agencies to build better cooperation and communication to protect the campus and the community surrounding the University. Examples: host regional law enforcement officers for a monthly meeting; establish data, intel and coordination meetings; and better leverage officers assigned to FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force  and other task forces.

Status: UAPD has successfully implemented recommendations from prior evaluations and is actively fostering partnerships various law enforcement agencies.

Process Owner: UAPD + Marketing & Communications

Description: Central Marketing and Communications team should work with UAPD Community Engagement Officers to establish a tiered program to reimplement campus engagement with police officers for the purposes of establishing rapport with the community.

Status: The Central Marketing and Communications team, in collaboration with UAPD Community Engagement Officers, has implemented a tiered program aimed at reinvigorating campus engagement with police officers to establish stronger rapport within the community. This initiative includes a community engagement and the creation and utilization of a shared calendar, highlighting key events and activities of UAPD's Community Engagement Unit. The implementation of campus community events is designed to create meaningful opportunities for interaction and relationship-building between police officers and the campus community.

Process Owner: UAPD

Description: UAPD should demonstrate progress on its website in the implementation of Margolis Healy report recommendations.

Status: UAPD has demonstrated progress in the implementation of Margolis Healy report recommendations by creating and maintaining the Margolis Healy Recommendations Implementation Progress page on its website.