University Crisis Response

University Crisis Response

Goal: Ensure consistent, robust, and comprehensive safety and security training and procedures for the entire campus community. 

Recommended Actions

In Progress

Process Owner: TAMT + CIRT + Senior Leadership

Description: Conduct quarterly Crisis Management exercises with TAMT and CIRT not only for the benefit of those teams but also to practice how to apprise Senior Leadership of what is going on within those groups. The University should include a drill involving a similar situation as October 5 into one of these.

Process Owner: Senior Leadership + Faculty & Staff

Description: Require all department faculty and staff to go through improved onboarding and annual safety training to establish a more consistent and coordinated response from all on campus during a crisis. Annual training should include tabletop training for key leadership at the University.

Process Owner:  President / FM

Description: Assess and enhance access control technology and alert systems across all department buildings on campus. Prioritize buildings based on risk, threat, building design, population, and identified vulnerability of users.


Process Owner: Office of University Initiatives

DescriptionDevelop a six-month, strategic post-crisis plan from the CAPS and Life & Work Connections, Human Resources, and Marketing & Communications teams. These plans should not be incident-specific but should develop clear guidelines for responding to a crisis from each unit’s perspective, how to provide for the safety and security of individuals with various accessibility needs, and how the University can work cohesively in that response. Plans should include methods of providing support and maintaining a productive relationship with individuals who are directly involved in an incident.

Status: Based on recommendations from the Student and Employee Support Working Group, a Student & Employee Support section was added to the Campus Emergency Response Plan (CERP), which includes guidelines for how University units will respond during a crisis  In addition, new guidance on Disability Access was added throughout the CERP. 

Process Owner:  Senior Leadership

Description: Continue to host listening sessions and facilitate discussions with those directly affected. Groups should be scheduled in terms of priority: those directly involved in the situation; those with knowledge of the situation; and the community at large.

Status: The interim chief safety officer, UAPD chief of police, and TAMT director are regularly engaging with the campus community to increase familiarity with campus safety resources and procedures. Meetings and forums are being scheduled with student groups, faculty groups, university leadership, and groups directly impacted by the events of October 5, 2022.

Process Owner: CAPS + Life and Work Connections

Description: Review existing policies and programs to identify ways to simplify how students, faculty, and staff can engage with support resources especially during high-stress times. Considerations should be given to “lessons learned” through prior experience.

Status: A Student and Employee Support Working Group was convened with over 40 members, including employees from University units that provide support services and representatives from Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences (HAS) and Engineering departments in Harshbarger/Mines. The Working Group reviewed existing policies and programs that support students and employees and made recommendations for improvement. Recommendations are being implemented by University units. 

Process Owner: Human Resources

Description: Review and assess use of background checks for all faculty, staff and volunteers at University to include postdoctoral positions. 

Status: An assessment of the use of background checks has been completed. Background checks on grad assistants and associates are being processed.