Spring Recess Safety Tips

Feb. 23, 2024
Aerial shot of Old Main

Spring recess begins on Saturday, Mar. 2 and concludes on Sunday, Mar. 10.

Parking Safety Tips

The excitement around the upcoming spring recess can be felt around campus. Remember to demonstrate some TLC when parking your car during the break.

T – Take it! Remove all personal items from your car. Items like ear buds, charging cables, CatCards, etc. could attract the attention of would-be thieves.

L – Lock it! Lock your car. If you have a steering wheel lock, make sure to use it. Park in well-lit areas and avoid dark and secluded spots that give criminals more opportunity.

C – Check it twice! Theft is a crime of opportunity. Take an extra minute to double-check that nothing is in your car that might draw unwanted attention.

  • Small Items: Backpacks, charging cables and other items could attract criminals thinking that laptops or electronics are concealed in the vehicle.
  • Windows: Check to make sure that all windows are fully secured. Leaving a window cracked makes entry to your car faster and easier.
  • Doors: Lock your car doors.

In addition to parking with TLC to protect yourself and your property, you can assist in maintaining a safe campus environment by reporting suspicious activity to the University of Arizona Police Department.

  • If a crime is occurring, please dial 9-1-1. If you see suspicious activity, call the non-emergency UAPD number at 520-621-8273 (621-UAPD). Emergency Bluelight telephones provide direct access to UAPD. These emergency telephones are illuminated by a blue light and marked "EMERGENCY," and can be used to contact the police department for any reason. View Bluelight phone locations on the interactive campus map.


Room Safety Tips

Housing & Residential Life will remain open during the break, and students are welcome to stay on campus. However, if you’re leaving your residence hall during this time, don’t forget to lock your doors, take your keys with you, and avoid propping doors open for any reason.

Here are a few additional tips for a safe spring break:

  • Don’t leave your valuables in plain view in your home, dorm room, or vehicle during your vacation. Lock your doors, and turn off alarm clocks, lights, etc.
  • Throw away any trash and perishable food to avoid pests or unpleasant smells upon your return.
  • Close and lock your windows to secure your space.

There is typically a decrease in the number of people on the campus during spring break. When leaving your room make sure to:

  • Avoid walking alone after dark. Walk in well-lit areas. 
  • If you are out, do not accept drinks from people you do not know.
  • Use alternate transportation such as the Parking & Transportation Services Night Cat, and taxis or ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft. Some campus services may have limited hours or are unavailable during campus breaks. 
  • Call UAPD at 520-621-8273. When available, UAPD may provide a walking or driving escort to your on-campus location or vehicle.